Use this call to retrieve a list of disputes the requester is involved in as buyer or seller.

Note: This call retrieves all disputes except eBay Buyer Protection Item Not Received and Significantly Not As Described cases that are created through the eBay Resolution Center. To retrieve eBay Buyer Protection cases, the seller must use the getEBPCaseDetail call of the Resolution Case Management API. Additionally, as an alternative to the GetUserDisputes call, sellers can use the getUserCases call of the Resolution Case Management API to return summary information (including case/dispute ID) on all disputes and cases, including all Item Not Returned or Significantly Not As Described claims opened by buyers through the eBay Resolution Center, all older eBay disputes, cases opened through the PayPal system, and Unpaid Item disputes or mutual Cancel Transaction agreements created through the AddDispute call of the Trading API or through the Resolution Center.